Help Support the Global Challenger Glider Initiative

RU COOL was issued, in December 2009, a challenge to build a global network and community of glider operators to improve our understanding of a changing ocean. This effort, known as the Challenger Glider Mission, is a historic initiative to deploy and then have undergraduate students operate a globally coordinated expedition to sample Earth's oceans. This effort is dedicated to first modern oceanography expedition, which the historic 1872 voyage of the HMS Challenger. 140 years later, RU COOL is now focused on building a global network of gliders to understand a changing global ocean. We ask you to join to conduct the Challenger Mission.

The mission will consist of 16 virtually simultaneous flights that will replicate the HMS Challenger's original route; it will enlist the efforts of land-based oceanographers who will control and operate this global fleet in coordination. The project to be coordinated from RU COOL and partners Universities around the word will focus on creating a new global collaborative generation among oceanographers and climate change specialists for the shared goal of better understanding the oceans. We ask your support to conduct the Challenger mission and lets us all make history. Contact us by phone: 848.932.4214 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested in joining the Challenger team.