Hey All!


A short while ago Ru 29 arrived at the Glider Facility in South Africa!

Tina and Dave are down on location in Cape Town preparing 29 for deployment

The original plan was for a deployment to occur tomorrow morning, but due to time constraints and weather conditions, it may be postponed until we are absolutely sure 29 is ready.  There is a long mission ahead with a relatively sparse assortment of bail out options along the way so things need to run as smooth as possible.

As for a deployment location, our team down in South Africa chose the location at 33˚52’S, 18˚18’E.  This will give us roughly 70 m of water to run tests in while only being a 15 minute trip from dock.  Upon deployment, 29 will run through a number of tests over the following day before we steer down the canyon and head off the shelf and into open waters

Unlike the trouble we have been having with Silbo when it comes to finding favorable currents, it looks like 29 will have a nice tail current for the start of this mission.  Hopefully the ocean will help us along this journey, 29 has a lot of open water ahead!