4245978158 662680520d oThe educational goals of the Challenger Glider Mission is to increase global ocean literacy, entrain the next generation of ocean scientists, develop a training test-bed, and provide a forum for people to join a global science mission. Undergraduate student involvement is a hallmark of this project, inspiring the growth of a new generation of globally-aware oceanographers.

  • Graduate students will use the data for dissertations given an open access data set. The goal will be to entrain graduate students as active participants focusing on the science in their local waters but operating as a global near-peer science community
  • Undergraduates will be the explorers who participate in hands-on global teamwork. The mission requires collaboration in a multi-cultural global community and prepares them for the modern workforce. The goal is to excite the next generation to pursue science and engineering careers, either through advanced degrees or direct employment by agencies and industry.
  • K-12 students will be engaged locally around the globe by developing citizen science projects that follow the mission. The goal is to activate sustained interest in science.



Gliders provide the high-resolution cross-frontal data that has a major impact on the ocean models