Hey All

Challenger is now on the home stretch measuring in at just under 1000 km from the shores of Ascension Island!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 5.51.08 PM


With the way point set on the next island on our journey, Challenger is leaving behind any questionable bathymetry as she continues to fly at top speeds of 12-13 km/segment



If we are able to maintain these speeds, we could be arriving at the island as early as the end of next month.  Once there, Challenger will be recovered by a team from Rutgers, rebatteried and redeployed to continue her flight towards Brazil where we plan on making land fall near Sao Paulo.



Looking at the currents, they are still in our favor throughout the water column as we continue on to the north west.  These currents should persist in the coming weeks with just some  as we are now flying along the general flow of the South Atlantic Gyre

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