Since moving the way point to the south east in order to keep the gliders progress in to the Gulf Stream, Silbo has taken off accelerating from 15 to over 50 km/day!


When the way point was set a week ago, the current had shifted to the point of being due west as Silbo made his way through the eddy solar system discussed in the previous post.  With the change in heading, Silbo ended up making a small loop before catching the eastward flow of the Gulf Stream again propelling the glider forward at the new break neck speeds.

Looking to the various road maps, this week Copernicus and OSCAR are mirroring the glider reported currents.


Copernicus June 3rd



OSCAR June 3rd


In today’s ROTFS and HYCOM visualizations, it is showing the glider has left the branch of the gulf stream and should be seeing the effects of the northern edge of a cold core eddy.


RTOFS June 3rd



HYCOM June 3rd


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