After nearly 12 days of being missing in action due to a communications error, the guys up at TWR managed to keep tabs on the whereabouts of Silbo via the Argos Transponder in the tail of the glider.


Silbo we think is in pursuit of either the way point shown in the image above, or one further along the way towards the UK.  We are getting gps hits from the argos every few days so at the next connection we should get a sense of whether the glider is circling the current one as we get pushed by the currents or if it is heading on towards the next one.  For now, the only way to get back control of the glider is for the glider to reset which will kick the communications back in.  Based on how the mission has gone, one of these resets happens every few months, so hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to get Silbo under control once more.

Force Wind Sea & Honor