After getting swept south earlier this week by a large eddy sitting off of the coast, our engineers implemented a well timed thruster test to try and help 29 further west towards more favorable currents.


By running the test, we not only managed to push the glider into what evolved into more favorable currents, but we also managed to get some valuable metrics for power consumption.  By running a 13 hr mission with the thruster running at 40% power and 20˚ pitch, the glider burned energy at a rate of 4Amp Hours/day while increasing the gliders speed from 27 km/day to 37 km.


As we are now in more favorable currents as we make our way around this large cold core eddy, the way point is being pushed to the north west to 32˚15S, 110˚ E.  This will give us good position to continue westward to the point at which we can then comfortably turn northward en route to Sri Lanka.

Force Wind Sea & Honor