Now that Silbo is back in to the favorable currents, the glider has really picked up speed and is once again making good progress towards Europe.   With the way point set yesterday, the glider is cruising along the jet created by the system of eddies that are showing up across all of the models despite being on different levels of structure.


Copernicus Oct 18


Oscar Oct 18


HYCOM Oct 18


RTOFS Oct 18

Also over the past few days, Silbo has entered the domain of the Iberian Biscaine and Irish Regional Ocean Model.  This ROM data is fundamentally a high definition version of the Copernicus model output provided to us by our friends Enrique and Marcos from Puertos del Estado who have helped us on both the RU17 and RU27 missions from 2008 and 2009.  We plan on using this HD data to plug into Antonio’s lagrangian visualization so we can see the landscape with an hourly 3km*3km dataset as we close in on the recovery region.


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